July 12th, 2004

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frell // bitching

so, this whole, ya know, "work" thang -- I'm just not at all used to it. :)

My morning schedule was just plain *wack* today and I wound up getting in 45 minutes late. heh. oops. :)

What's more, I completely forgot my glasses! crap. At least I have enough stuff to do that doesn't require looking at a computer screen for too long, so I can just focus on that stuff today. Least, that's the plan. Hopefully there won't be any fires from last week that I'll have to put out.

come with me. In to the trees. // question


I had such a good time riding the dirt trails up at Lake Tahoe that I've decided to make a concerted effort to do such on a somewhat regular basis the rest of this summer/fall. I'm thinking of heading up there Sat morning, riding around, camping out, riding around Sunday, and comming back Sunday night. So it's a sortof part-backpacking (as in, you only have what you carry with you) and part mountain biking trip. I have a topo map detailing some of the more established trails up there, and how to get to them and what they're like, so I won't have to spend much time wandering around looking for something to ride or an access point to leave the roads from.

The question is: Anyone up for joining me? I'm looking to just take Amtrak (or grayhound if they allow bikes) up to Trukee (or thereabouts) and just ride from there, but if someone else is along other options can be discussed.