July 5th, 2004


ahh.. civilization at last // quickie

turns out a cafe in Tahoe City offers free WiFi.

their esspresso is rather nice, also!

it's almost an hour's walk from the house, but it's well worth it. In some ways, I am very much a city rat -- only 55 hours without net access and I was really starting to get antsy.. :)

the thing that sucks, is I don't currently have access to my passwords file and I do have some bills that I need to schedule payments for online.. shit. I'll have to come back here tomorrow or the next day and get those paid before they count as late.

Vacation review so far:
Lake Tahoe is wet.
The mountains are pretty.
The house is nice enough.
Overall: 4, since the familly has insisted on spending the entire time out on/near the lake. I hate the water.