June 18th, 2004


wow // techie raving

In discussing some of the searching capabilities of Gmail, I began to wonder exactly what searching capabilities my email client offered.

They freakin' KICK ASS!

I get two search criterion to define, which can scan in the basic headers (subject, from, to, cc) or 'complete message', and can look for any of the basic pattern matching (does/doesn't contain/equal) or, and here's the kicker, does/doesn't match RegEx.

wow.. I've seen various MUAs that offer RegEx (okay, 'bout two or three), but their other qualities just didn't work for me.. this is the first time I can remember *using* one that offers it. :)

shit, the filters contain that option as well (and, actually, *tons* more usefull crap). Why the hell hadn't I noticed this before?!?

/me goes off to re-write his email filters.
sp by streetlamp

// daily life

sitting on the pavement, leaning against a pole
watching two kids playing with a 'flying saucer' thing (you've seen 'em in the malls)
their mother worying it will get caught in a tree
their father smiling
four dogs running through their midst playing as dogs are want to do
my hands covered in pale dust, still smelling of patience
measured contemplation
relaxed effort
a volleyball game on the other side of the park
sunlight streaming down on me through the trees
a gusty breeze cooling everything slightly just when the sun makes it warm
sitting, relaxing, idle thoughts on nothing

So, yesterday I officially learned to play Bocce Ball. There's this league that meets right outside where we do Uechi Ryu, and as I had two hours before anyone else showed up I decided to watch some of the earlier Bocce arrivals play a game. Afterwords one of them took the time to teach me to play and we had a little game. It was fun. Oddly relaxing while at the same time being mildly taxing on my forearms. Watching them, and then playing with one of them, I couldn't help but become infused with that practiced patience that you see so often in them. That slow measured movement. I'm thinking of making this a regular part of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just tossing the balls around for an hour or so before workout. They are nice people, and it's a very fun game.

I work in dilbertland // work news

hehe.. Yesterday, I received this email:

From: The Office of the President
Time: 13:48:59

This message is to notify you that there has been a water line rupture
near Placer Hall.  At approximately 1:30 PM, the water main serving the
entire campus will be turned off and an attempt will be made to repair
the line.

Sometimes, you need a very sick sence of humor to enjoy working here.. Fortunately, that's exactly the type of humor I enjoy the most! There is no end of sources for my amusement 'round this place. :)

(note: an hour and ten after this email, they sent another one sending everyone home for the day. That's an hour and a half after *all* the water on campus had been turned off.)