June 15th, 2004


hrmm.. kinda good, kinda not-good // quickie

so, I tried installing SuSE9.1 last weekend, that was a mistake. Hence I'm back on SuSE8.2. I've tried every SuSE from 8.0 up to 9.1 and I can easilly say that 8.2 had the best installer. Sure, they *seem* to use the same installer for all the versions, but in 8.2 it actually *worked*.

I also just installed XFCE4.0.5 and am toying with that.. it's a hell of a lot lighter (and hence faster) than KDE was. I like the default config, and was able to tweak it the minor ammount to get where I'm happy with it rather quickly.. One thing I don't like is the lack of desktop icon support. I'll go hunting for a plugin to achieve that, because I actually like using the desktop as a storage place. I never quite grasped the concept of seperating your "documents" directory tree from the "desktop" directory tree. I never use the "documents" tree, and I just create 5 or so directories on the desktop and have little trees below them.. The main desktop area becomes a sort-of "temp" or staging area before I filter the documents into their respective categories. XFCE seems to think the only thing a desktop is good for is a placeholder for pretty pictures. While I do put pretty pictures there, they are a backdrop for the space my icons haven't yet covered -- not the main focus.

My coffee drink this morning even made Lou (the manager-guy at the Java City) pause. An iced soy white mocha with caramel and 7 shots of espresso. They had to make it in a large cup just so all the espresso would fit (and even that it filled 'bout 80%). heh.. it's actually quite yummy, just the right balence of sweet and bitter.. Shame I can't get this type of drink all the time, as it costs too much. Only reason I got it this morning was 'cause I had a filled one of those drink cards. :)