June 14th, 2004


fuck the pain away // random stuff

So, a friend turned me on to a series of mixsets falling under a general name of Radio SoulWax.. Some damn good shit there. turns out, there's a particular P2P app that some of the compilations (up through 9 that I've seen so far (out of over 30 that are known to me)) are available through. I think there's some sort of connection between the app and some fanbase of the music..

Don't you just hate it when yer getting ready to go to bed, ya get yer PJs on, and you notice that you meant to do the washing tonight? Well, honestly, I had meant to be doing the washing last thursday, but had enough spare clothing that I could let it sit.. Now I have not the appropriate clothing for work tomorrow, and I want to go to bed, but I just started the first of two loads.. grrr.. I guess it's all well enough, though, as I am only half done with my drink (white godiva, vanilla vodka, drambuie, and buttershots)...

Today I had my first official (that I can remember at the moment) martini! It was a Blackeye martini (or something like that), and looked close enough to what I wanted that I made it without first checking to see if what I actually wanted was even in the book. Turns out it was. So, rather than a Vodka Martini (2oz vodka and .25oz of vermouth with olive), I wound up having that other one, which was just as well as it had .25oz more vodka and I discovered that I don't like the taste of vermouth. :) I also discovered that garlic-stuffed olives kick ass. I further discovered that a nice ice-cold dry vodka martini after a hot sweaty day can be actually quite enjoyable. It has to be as cold as possible, though, 'cause halfway through it was warming up and I had to shove it back in the freezer for adequate chilling.

Joe le taxi
C'est sa vie
Le rhum au mambo

Wouldn't ya know it, I absolutly fall in love with one of the rarest tracks on this mix? :) hehe..

I picked up a copy of the Playboy's Bartender's Handbook this weekend.. I read through the intro while sitting between bits of wandering and photohunting.. It's kinda sad that the first time I've read over 100 pages (yes, the intro is 'round 100 pages long) in a book in one sitting is in a book about alcohol.. I'm not an alcoholic, I swear it!!! *sips from his drink* :) hehehe...

let it hereby be declared that the flippin' F12 key on the keyboard for der 'Book is TOO FUCKING CLOSE to the backspace key.. I have to have ejected the CD tray at least 3 times in this entry alone.. :)

Also, let it hereby be declared that all those stoopid little twits entering inaccurate info into the internet CDDB servers need to be dragged out back and shot! I'm sick and tired of telling iTunes to get track names and then having to correct all the tracks because whatever useless little shit entered them in the first place got it all bass-ackwards and flat-out wrong! This is supposed to *save* me time, not make me take more time (initial track listing dl + correcting all the tracks > just typing them from scratch) and get frustrated at the same time!

But then, this falls in the category of my philosophy regarding technology. I am of the firm opion that technology should fit into my life and enhance it. Any piece of technology that I accept into my life should fit with little or no modification of my lifestyle (unless I am getting the tech with the express reason of causing a change in lifestyle as was the case with my camera and der 'Pod -- and even then it should not require more change than exactly what I wanted).

crap.. I forgot to order more beer.. Note to self: SELF!!! YOU FORGETFULL PIECE OF CRAP!!! O*R*D*E*R B*E*E*R!!!!!!

again, SELF!!! ORDER BEER!!!

damn, I'm forgetful sometimes..

speaking of forgetfullness, I should go make those entries for dcc and .... er.. shit.. dcc... crap, I can't remember the other one.. ..... DIPLOMACY!!! that's it!! well, that's not so much an LJ entry as it would be a bunch of emails.. but this mention here will remind me when I check my friends page tomorrow..



er.. yeah, I thought I hadentered this.. damn.. well, I guess I'll hit 'update' now.. :)