May 27th, 2004


techie humor // life

This usage is vaguely deprecated, which means it just might possibly be removed in some distant future version of Perl, perhaps somewhere around the year 2168.
" -- perl operator referance

thanks to macklinr for slapping me upside the hed by saying "duh, use perl!" while I was lamenting my task of correlating the output data from our computer survey.

it's times like this // life

it's been forever and a day since I've actually typed up something resembling code. I had forgotten how much fun it can be, to take an idea, identify the tasks that idea encompases, and create a solution to those tasks.

That, and I had forgotten just how precise you have to be! heh..

props to macklinr's 1337 perl skillz for helping me see the (in retrospect, painfully obvious) error in my code.

still, you get moments when you look at the finished code, and see it fly through the tasks like a hot knife through butter, and just admire the compactness and efficiency of typing that accomplishes that.. It's almost poetic, in a way..

if($line =~ /\Q$_\E+\s*([^\r\n]*)/){print "$1,";}

Such a simple line, yet it drives the script that will take a directory full of data dumps and output a file in proper csv format (well, okay, with the exception of an extra comma at the end of each line, but that's easilly ignored) for importing to any spreadsheet program where we can then get an idea for the state of computing in our college. Now all I have to do is write a dos batch file that the users can run from their email to have their machines generate the data files for me (because it's a bitch to run around to each individual computer when you've got a few hundred to do).

For the record, this was my first perl program ever. Yes, I had somehow manged to make it this far in life without learning perl.
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busybusybusy // update

wow.. where yesterday I got so very little finished (did a lot, nothing actually *finished*, though), today I've been showing some serious productivity.

Audited 10 machines
Updated one of those.
cleaned ad software from a user's machine
learned the basics of perl and wrote/debugged a production-level script (as-in, something more complex than "hello world")
yelled at windows
basked in the joy of not running it on my main system.
got a replacement laptop to one user

and now, I've an hour left.. plenty of time for some more yelling at windows, setup a mac, start debugging another laptop, and start the return procedure for a third laptop. Perhaps I'll squeeze in a little self-extracting zipfile fun as well (the process I've settled on for getting the auditing software out to the users: self-extracting zipfile that will auto-launch a batfile which will run the audit program and then a mailer to send the output file to me through email -- zero user interaction beyond the initial "run this attachment").

damn I'm being posty today.. sorry about that..