May 23rd, 2004

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damn // life


was up way too late last night. and for some reason my body felt it needed to get up at 7:30.. GAH! that's like, what, 5 hours? not even 5 hours of sleep!! and I'M SICK!!! gah..

I'm thinking I'll go snag a coffee drink, rent a movie, and fall asleep on the couch.. sounds like a plan..
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woah.. // random thought.

so, I stayed up hecksa late last night.. IMing.. I haven't even loaded the IM client regularly in months.. and here I am, staying up becuase of a 3 hour chat..

ah well. I suppose the medium can be usefull sometimes. :)

Kinda embarrasing, though, the mistakes that are made when you can't see the screen clearly and your fingers aren't finding the proper keys like they normally should..

:) today is going nicely.