May 7th, 2004


wow, I'm easy // random note

9, 11, 12, 27

So, I went to google and typed in my 'nym. Of the 27 results it returned, only 4 of them were *not* me. And I'm not entirely certain that one of them isn't me, so it could be just 3.

wow. I mean, I've allways enjoyed the benifits from having a rather unique 'nym (I can usually get it as an account name just about anywhere I care about), but never quite considered the ease of searching it lends to others trying to find me. In all, I think I'm pleased with that side-effect.

out of curiosity, I did a similar search for my old 'nym. 3 results, 2 of which were me! from *way* back in 1994! Back in the days of Netcom and 14.4 dial-up, baybee!!

hrmm.. I wonder.. search on the first part of my old 'nym (it had a first and last name)... Holy, shit! there's an actual result for my website! damn, macklinr, your site generates a high google count (as that's the only reason I can think of my old 'nym being linked to my new site -- something I'm not *entirely* comfortable with, but oh well). hrmm, some chick on DevArt is using it.. hehe.. wow.. lots of hits.. 'bout 12k of them!

I like my new 'nym.