April 30th, 2004


for those playing along at home // life

Yesterday serenica69 stopped by my office on her way home from work to inform me that she had thought about it and decided that she does not want to continue this relationship for now.

Rumour controll: this is not because of my post a few days back wherin I talked about finding other women attractive. That did spark a conversation in which the main problem with our relationship was brought up, and it was decided that while it can be fixed, it would take a long time and a lot of work on both our parts. I said I was willing to try, but she wasn't sure and wanted to think about it. She thought about it and decided it was better for us to not continue.

I wish her the best, and we will continue talking on occasion after some adjustment. This isn't (from what I can see) an "ugly breakup".
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high school haunts me // life

so, I just rsvp'd for a reunion someone's trying to throw together for my high school graduating class.

10 years... damn.

Saw some names there I hadn't seen since graduation day. Some people it would be very nice to see again. I'm sure there will be some there that I'd rather avoid, but such is life. You grow up, you put the bad blood behind you and move on as mature individuals.

Now, the real question: do I wear a cloak so people will recognise me? heheh.. :) Perhaps the hat will be sufficient..
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more art // life

so, I decided to bring in der 'Book today and upload a few more pictures to devart today. Someone actually added one of them to their "favorites" collection! I'm actually getting some positive feedback on these.. nice to see.

up to 22 there now. I'll have to dig out the CDs of older archives and wade through those to flush out the collection more.

I've decided that I'll use devart as a temp space till I get my gallery back up and running (translation: till I get off my lazy ass (further translation: indefinately)) and I'm restricting myself (for now) to only putting fully un-edited pictures there. straight from camera -> jpg -> devart. They're not really "digital art" to the extent that I like to try for (spending days going over it in GIMP), but they are art all the same (some would argue this) and it's a way for me to share my piccies with others, so that's good enough for me.

for those who are actually interested, click <-- there.
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it has begun // quickie update

I just turned in my application for the MA program. Last day to do it, but I did get it in. So, I should find out in a few months if I meet their requirements and if I've been accepted. Hopefully they'll let me in (it's not like the program is impacted or anything of that nature) and then I can be an official Grad Student all over again!