March 25th, 2004


bother // lj complaining

my friends view doesn't seem to be updating.. I've added two more ljs to the list, but they're not showing on my friends page.. They're in the "Default View" group, and they have entries from yesterday, so they should be there.. but no go..


I'll just wait till they post again and see if that wakes up the system. grrr.

well, this is certainly teh sux0r // life

Yeah, I've been neglecting checking the weather reports for our area because we've been having some lovely sunny days.. Today I rode my bike in looking forward to a nice ride home in the sun. I'm now sitting here in my office dreading a walk home in the rain for which I am thoroughly unprepared.


a convo had tuesday // life

$Roomate : Hey, $friend is getting tickets for Slipknot, you want one?
me : HELL YES!!
me: uh, when is it and how much?
$Roomate : uh, I don't know, lemme ask.
<asks (he's on the phone)>
$Roomate : we don't know, you still want one?
me : HELL YES!!

heheh.. turns out it's 14.May and under $35 a piece.. YAY!!!! I'm gonna be beaten to a pulp in a mosh pit at Slipknot!!! WOOHOOO!!!!