March 23rd, 2004


Fastest bug in the west // life

D00d, the 24-hour flu aint got nuttin' on the bug I had yesterday! I woke up yesterday with a slight tinge of nausea. I managed to eat my routine bowl of cereal, though it wasn't particularly appetising, and I went about my morning. By about 9 in the morning my stomache was now in open revolt and I was shivering. 'round 12 I tried to get lunch, hoping that would help, but couldn't eat more than a cup (after cooking) of rice. By 3 I had a headache that made concentration next to impossible and was barely able to sit up. I managed to remain slightly productive through to 4, when I sent to class. Thankfully we were going over fixed fields, so I didn't have to pay overly much attention. I then rode home, which was probably a mistake but I was of the opinion that I wasn't going to let some little bug stop me. I got home and was in bed by 6:25. I had the most annoingly interrupted night's sleep, between waking up feeling like I'm burning up with a fever, shivering even though I was under the blankets, and being unable to get comfortable for all the aches and pains in my bones. At some point in the night, I think it was about 2 in the morning, my fever finally broke. I woke up, and just realized I wasn't hot/cold anymore. It was amazing. No slowly-getting-better period, just a sudden cessation of all the discomfort. I was then able to sleep the next 3 hours (as I get up at 5 for work) without problem.

I sometimes wonder how these kinds of virii (admittedly, it could be a bacterium or something else) spread. I mean, you're sick for such a short period of time that you really don't have much contact with other humans. I would think the ones that keep you down for a few days would be more successfull. Ah well. 'tis no matter.