March 21st, 2004

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tioed // random babblings

Why am I even *UP* at this hour!? guh..

finishing the washing, hopefully it'll be dry soon so I can trundle it into my room and go to sleep. Importing more songs at the moment. I listened to der 'Pod for at least 5 hours today, damn thing's still at over 50% battery life -- rather impressive show. Speaking of which, how does Apple do it? By 'it' I mean the sleep/wake-up times for their stuff. The iBook, and iPod both have this amazing ability to go to 'sleep' in under a second, and 'wake up' just as fast. It's simply amazing, the responsiveness of the hardware/software. Guess that's what it's like when one company dictates everything from the UI to the circuitry.

Got much studying done today, caught up in Algebra, and am halfway to caught up in Analysis. Tomorrow night studying should finish that one off.

Had lunch with serenica69 today, during which she expressed some concerns about this relationship we have. This wouldn't normally be news, as she almost allways brings up the claim of "I have no idea why I'm with you", but today she seemed a little more put-off by my thoughts than usual. Eh, we'll see...
The lunch was nice, though.

Slept muchly last night. went to bed 'round 9, woke up 'round 9 this morning. Was still tired, but it was nice to have slept so much. Perhaps that's one reason I'm still awake, 'cause I've only been up 13.5 hours? nah, I could probably go to sleep rather easilly -- my eyelids are allready getting heavy. Just need to stay awake 10 more minutes and then the washing should be dry.

Lessee.. Saturday... what did I do Saturday? hrmmm.. Ah yes! I rode the bike trail with my dad and sister. They drove up in the morn' and we set about getting my bike ready and then hit the road 'round 11ish. Rode for 5 hours, as they were not up to going fast, and managed to make it up to Nimbus Dam and back. 'bout 29 miles round-trip. We were all suitably impressed they could make it. I managed to get a little sunburned from spending that much time in the sun, so now my arms have a nice pink tint to them. Which is a real shame, because pink simply isn't my colour -- it doesn't go with my hair at all. :)

In other news, I'm tioed. I guess I'll go check the dryer, see how much longer I've got. if it's not done by now I'll just go to sleep, as I'm tired and it's almost 11 at this point. I've got to get up at 5 tomorrow morn for work, so I'll just get my clothes out of it then if they aren't ready for me now. Hey, iTunes just finished importing another song.. nice.. 4514 in it's library now.. yippie... I'll let it update der 'Pod tomorrow morn.

G'night all.

Oh, one last thing, open question for all: Does it necessarilly follow that two people are married should live together? That is, does the concept of marriage have, as a required part of it, the concept of two people living with one another? Explain. Also, if it so happens that I misspelled "marriage", let's not get nitpicky over that. y'all know what I'm askin' fer here.

While it's clear that you need not be married to live together (thank goodness, 'cause my roomates simply aren't my types!), does the reverse hold?

I say the one is not required for the other. There is no part of my concept of "marriage" that includes the couple co-habitating. No matter if you look at it from the legal aspect, or from the emotional aspect, or from the religious aspect. When I think "marriage", the two people living under the same roof usually doesn't enter into the picture unless specifically prompted. And even then it's more of a "well, I guess they could" kind of thing. Now, mind you, I don't think that a married couple should *not* live together, I simply don't see anything in the concept of "marriage" that implies that they *should*.