March 15th, 2004


note // daily update

trying to do computer work, esp. involving tiny parts, after a visit to the eye doctor's office and your pupils are still dilated is a dumb idea.

I mean, sure, my eyes were sufficiently back to normal that I could walk outside without the "sunglasses" with only minor discomfort after only 15 minutes (which was unfortunate, as they are simply the *hight* of modern style), but trying to read a computer screen is just right out. Heck, I'm even sitting here with my eyes closed (resting them) while I'm typing this. I'm only checking every sentance or two to make sure I'm not hitting the wrong keys (praise allah for learning to touch-type many years ago -- I'm actually getting most of them right!).


Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. And, the great part about this whole endeavour: I have to go yet somewhere else to get the dang glasses made! When I went there a few years back, they were able to get my perscription and then they'd fill it for me in the same store. It would seem they stopped that end of it, and now I have to find somewhere to take this perscription and make some specs for me from it. grrr..

For those of you more optically medically inclined than I, these numbers might actually mean something to y'all:

OD - 2.0 + 1.25 x 010
OS - 2.0 + 1.25 x 005

edit: after a little research, I found out what a perscription should look like, so I fixed this typing of it to be correct.