March 10th, 2004


woah.. // geekesque ramblings

have you ever noticed just how *small* the Pentium4 chip is? sure, the heatsinks you get for it are freakishly huge, but the chip (technically, the chip casing, as the chip itself is actually far smaller) on the board is actually quite tiny.

shit, the processor chip for this box's graphics card is larger than the P4!

in other news... // random update

the weather here is getting warmer. Today I actually went to work in the morning without a sweater, jacket, or any such warming device. The sun is being it's annoyingly bright self, making me thank my hat's brim. Unfortunately this same sun is also being quite warm, making me curse my hat (wool felt = warm head). So I'm constantly fighting with either not wearing the hat and having a cool head but sun in my eyes, or wearing the hat and having a warm head yet no sun in my eyes.

A nice side-effect of this sudden shift in temperatures, though, is the fasion choices I see around me. I'll not go into too much detail, but let's just say that working on a college campus can often be *VERY* distracting -- particularly when the mercury starts rising.

Work is being busy, and bitchy, as usual. The normal politics bull is flying just as much as ever, the workload is steadilly increasing and our workforce is staying static -- I'll let you work the numbers on that one. Before you go to far, though, I'll just re-iterate that I do actually love my job. The vast majority of the people I work with are really nice people. The scenery is lovely (pretty buildings, majestic trees, calming river). The *ahem* "scenery" is lovely (see previous paragraph). The dress code seems to be something along the lines of "clothed" (I honestly haven't found any outfit that I'd be willing to wear in public that they would have a problem with (belive me, I've tried)). And finally, the schedule is more flexible than a puddle of water.

Classes are not going well, I need to get my head in the proper space for them. I don't know just how I'm going to accomplish this, as I'm not sure why it's *not* in the proper space, but I've got some ideas that I'm trying.