March 2nd, 2004


Don't forget!! // reminder -- GET OUT AND VOTE

Today is voting day here in CA! Any of you who live here would do well to take part in this process. California's budget is in a rather sad state right now, and there are 4 propositions on the ballot that directly impact the budget. I don't care if you vote yes or no, just as long as you get out there and make your mark! The only vote that doesn't cout is the one not cast, people.

ah, no wonder // random pointless bitching

So, I'm eating this chocolate bar that proclaims itself to be of the "dark truffle" variety, and I'm thinking it's neither very dark nor very truffle-y. I can excuse the lack of truffleness due to it's thinness -- there's only so much room to stuff the soft goodness in. The darkness, though I simply cannot let slide. Then I notice some small type in a corner of the wrapping: "57% cacao".

wtf?? *57* percent?! that's ALL??!?


Since when was 57% considered "dark" chocolate? There should be a law against that kind of misleading advertising. Chocolate shouldn't be called "dark" untill it's *at least* 65%, preferably over %70.

Sure, the wrapper printed with soy ink and the bar's claim of being all-organic is nice and reassuring, but that doesn't excuse a cheap-assed attempt at passing off a measly 57% as being "dark" chocolate. No wonder it tastes so pathetic.

Last time I buy this crap.