February 10th, 2004


hrmm.. interesting..

okay, that was kinda neet..

My system was running a little laggy, so I open up a quick little console window and run top. Lo and behold, X was eating up 93% of the cpu for some unknown reason. So I get to thinking: well, I *could* kill that process, but then what would happen? would it dump me down to a command line? hrmm.. I'm supposed to be in runlevel 5, though, so would init just restart X, or would it drop to runlevel 3 or somesuch?

The answer: init restarts X, keeping the runlevel the same.

Yeah, it's something I should have known, but it's little things like this that tend to be missed if they never actually come up.

As a side-note, I love being able to isolate the problem process and kill it off so I can get back to work without a reboot. Much faster way of getting things done.

Ein Wunder hier
Ein Traum gleich dort
Grad' noch hier und doch schon fort
Ich zeige dir mein Angesicht
Doch du siehst mich nicht

I've been needing a nice calendar for this year..

and soon, I shall have one..

quoth the webpage:

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random pic

time to settle this

once and for all (this is a discussion that needs settling).

So, is this guy a goofy tool, or not?

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don't bother voting, it's been moved to another post.

So, verdict?

not a tool
definately not a tool
a tool I could put to good use *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
I'm printing this picture out and will carry it with me for the rest of my days

We are turning to you, the fair and honest livejournal community, to help us solve this dilemma. Please help us.

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random pic

poll, take two

so, it would seem the other party in my discussion of the toolness of the guy in question complained of the lack of a "tool" option, so here is another, more fair quiz that includes said option:

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so, is he a tool or not?

not even remotely a tool
a tool I could put to good use *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*
I'm printing this picture out and will carry it with me for the rest of my days
can I have his number?
ugly tool with a stoopid look on his face

larger versions of this picture are available, for printing purposes, should anyone want them. Just ask in the comments section.