February 5th, 2004

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yes, instead of actually working, as I should be, I'm leaving a note here.
Also, instead of actuall content, it's a quizz!

I'm the Boy Next Door. Funny "dating site" that offers a relationship personality quiz. The questions are flawed, and the results too general to really mean anything, but the result descriptions are funny! You may just want to cruise the possible results, just for a laugh or two.
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cruising that okcupid site, answering questions, I noticed they have little tips that seem to pop up every 6 or so questions. this one made me laugh:

Tip: If you're currently dating someone, still answer hypothetical questions as if you were single! Questions about whether you'd consider a certain type of person, situation, etc., shouldn't be affected by your significant, nagging other.

It's just the phrasing that did it for me. The addition of "nagging" in particular made me chuckle considerably.