January 14th, 2004

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20 songs

so, as tragerstreit did it and I think it's kinda cool, here are 20 songs my mp3 player picked after I clicked the "random" option and hit play.
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hrmm.. New Order, Queensryche, XTC, Negativland, Little Richard, Orbital, and They Might Be Giants (among others). A nice sampling, though it missed some other notable names in the collection. Ah well, 'tis only 20 songs, what more could be expected?

hrmm.. just a bit of a difference

So, in cleaning my office the other day, I (literally) stumbled over a case I had forgotten about (yes, it was messy enough that I had actually *lost* a computer case in here). Turns out it's a touch better than what I was using for the FTP server, and after tracking down who it actually belonged to he informs me that he doesn't need it anymore and I can go ahead and use it for the server.

So, instead of being a P/200/64MB/10Mbs system (don't laugh, it's all I had available at the time), it's now a PIII/850/256MB/100Mbs. Just a *bit* of a difference!

An annoyance with the new system, though, is that it's bios is addressing the IDE controller cards differently, and so my little paper lables sorting out hde, hdf, and hdg are now useless as they've been moved to hdi, hdj, and hdk. Grr.. time for relabling.

Oddly enough, the eth0 part of the startup registers "failed" on the console, but I can ftp and ssh to it just fine. Hrmm.. I'll have to look at that.

Heh.. assembling this beast from spare parts. The video card doesn't even have a metal backing to screw down with. I'm not overly worried about the airflow problem that causes, though, since the side panels for the case are left off so the cabling can get to the row of HDDs it's using.

update: wow, what a difference this makes. It's much better suited to the intended task now. Doing a large upload doesn't eat the bulk of the cpu time, and it goes worlds faster! Once I get the disks stablized some more, we might just be able to put this into production. :)