January 13th, 2004


more accidental coolness

so, now that the iBook is alive once again I'm frantically backing up the data to that ftp server I'm building. This isn't the best idea, as that server is not production level yet, but it will have to do for the moment.

It's a 8.5 hour transferr, which I started shortly after I arrived here.

The reason this is a cool thing, is that it will be done right about the time I get off work today, so it's "30% completed" count is also a count of how much of my day is finished. heh.. I just think that's pretty neet.

because memes make one feel included.

from darkmoon,mslulu, and others:
1. What 5 LJ friends have you known longest?
oh dear.. er... Damn, there are two groups here that I've known for ages. I'm thinking I've known mamarhi, the_misha, pnsm and tragerstreit for something on the order of 12 or more years.
But then, I've also known ox_number_10, gregory_geiger, forkylo, and elentar for about that long. Perhaps not Elentar, though, as I think I met him about 3 years later (hard to say)..
So, yeah, that's about the closest I'll be able to get to a definitive answer. I suspect Ox, G3, and Forky are the ones I've known longest, with the Timestream crowd being a close second, but I'm not 100% certain.
Any of you with better memories than I able to clear this up?

2. Is/are your significant other/s on LJ?

3. Do you have LJ friends you've never met in real life?
yeah, 'bout 13 of 'em (something I'd like to change one of these days, if I ever get the chance).

4. Do you have friends that you met first on LJ, then in real life?
A few, not many though.

5. Do you discuss personal information in your LJ?
only to a point. But then, I only discuss personal stuff *at all* to a point.