January 9th, 2004


wish I could say I planned for that.

Some of my best ideas are side-effects. It's kinda cool, in a way, but really annoying when I consider that I didn't actually think of them on purpose.

Like the one I just had. See, for this server I've set up, I have a vast multitude of hard drives plugged into it (currently 8, with space for 3 more (leaving the 12th ide slot for a CD drive for disaster recovery purposes)). Seeing as how they are identical, and literally lined up on a piece of cardboard outside the computer case, trying to find a specific one to replace was promising to be a daunting task -- one which I had yet to think of an easy way around.

Well, as I mentioned, I have a few test files that I'm using to do filesystem tests (only way to check a drive is to actually *use* the bloody thing), and I just kinda glanced over there after starting one such test and noticed that I can see the little light on the drive registering activity. "Hey," thinks I, "I could just label the damn thing while it's light is on!"

Why I didn't think of this before, I'll never know.

So, now next to the server's case, I still have a row of identical hard drives, but taped to one is a nice piece of paper declaring it "/dev/hde". I'll be filling out the rest as I bring them into service.
random pic

jingle jingle

So, today I'm a little 'dressed down' for work. I'm still wearing my jean-cut cordoroys, but instead of my normal belt and polo shirt, I'm wearing a black 'Uberkunst' t-shirt with serenica69's 'bondage belt'. It's a thick black leather belt with metal loops all around it. I like it. The constant jingling when I walk is a little disconcerting (I preferr to be slient when I move), but it's a nice belt and it's fun to play with the loops while I'm waiting for a task to finish. The only thing I don't like all that much about it is the thickness. It's too big to easilly (if at all) fit my leatherman on it, and I kinda need the leatherman for work (I swear, I use the damn thing at least once every day). So for now I'm just dropping it in my pockets, but that's not going to work as a long-term solution.

In other news, I'm munching on some Panda brand licorice. Damn good eats. Highly recommended for anyone who likes black licorice.

In still other news, I can't seem to find where my copy of Orbital's 'The Alltogether' has gone wandering off to. It wasn't where I expected it in my room this morning, and it's not with the collection of CDs I've got here at work, and it's not in my bag either. I'm starting to wonder about it. I had it just a few days ago when I imported it into the iTunes at home, and now I can't find it (as I was going to loan it to serenica69 for her listening enjoyment). I also kinda wanted to listen to it during work today. Bummer. Instead I'm grooving on some Garbage for now (currently 'Garbage', 'Version 2.0' is next in the queue -- if I can find it).

excuse me whilst I rave about my job

Another thing I love about working at a university (or, at the very lest, *this* university). My dressing-down today has not yet garnered so much as an odd glance. I'm chillin' in my office (phone-duty this morning), and people have come by for questions and help, and I'm doing my job with my sandals off, belt jingling and just generally chillin'. And not a single mention, glance, or anything. The people I work with around here are just so amazingly laid back and relaxed that I doubt they even *noticed*.

Perhaps it's because all the other people in my classification dress down normally (I'm normally the most 'professionally dressed' of the lot). Perhaps it's that I've dressed oddly enough times before that they are somewhat used to it from me now. Perhaps it's just the wonderful atmosphere that pervades this place. Whatever the reason, I like the ability to get away with wearing just about anything I like to work. After working temp jobs where I have to wear slacks and dress shirts even on "casual days" where all the real employees of my assignment are comming in jeans, and retail where I have to maintain a very strictly enforced dress code (someone was fired for showing up out of code twice -- written up on the first occurance), having this level of clothing freedom is nice. It's one of the last few places where the 'computer guys' can still get away with dressing casual every day (I've read (and heard first-hand) enough horror stories about techs being forced into suits with the collapse of the 'dot-com bubble').


and now 'Version 2.0' has gone off wandering.. Where the hell does all my music go to?!

So, I've decided to put on the headphones, crank the volume and listen to 6q's Shout/LouieLouie mix set. Which I *must* get down to one CD one of these days!