January 8th, 2004



shamelessly copied without permission from Sinfest (by Tatsuya Ishida):

Laughter is the face orgasm. When you laugh, the private organs must go, "What the heck was that? I thought we were in charge of fun!" It must freak the ol' nads out. I imagine there's a running competition between the sex drive and the sense of humor. A battle between the funny bone and the boner. Which can cause more pleasure? The ha ha or the oo la la? Comedy or hot dripping sweaty naughty good times? Which begs the question: After you share a big hearty laugh with someone--the kind that makes you convulse with nasal snort noises--do you still respect each other in the morning? Do you avoid each other, then bump into them at the water cooler and sheepishly go, "So. Things got weird, huh? I laughed. You laughed. One thing led to another..." Ever look at someone and go, Man, I'd sure love to get together with that piece of funniness and laugh and laugh till milk shoots outta me. That person will make milk come out my nose over and over and over again. Ooh. Yeah. Tell me the one about the rabbi and the penguins, baby... Right there... Yeah... Ah! Ah! AH HA HA HA HA HA!

geeky question:

anyone have any good ideas on how to test out an FTP server? I've got it installed and the deamon is running. I've made some user accounts and I'm currently transferring 'bout 4GB up to it. I'm going to be using these files to test out new HDDs as I bring them online, before mergeing them with the production filesystem, but I'm comming up blank on how to reasonably test the ftp/ssh end of it.

Anyone got ideas other than the usual "download an ftp cracking program and set it loose"?

--as a side-note, another reason I like Linux more than Windows: I didn't want a GUI on my server, so I didn't install one. Try *that* with a Windows server!