December 22nd, 2003

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DECEMBER 25, Christmas Day. Another national holiday, marked by the following observances: Filling the young and helpless with a lot of fiction about Santa Claus, the old chimney fakir, who went up the flue long ago; making a clothesline of the mantelpiece and robbing the forest of its young; swapping several things we'd like to keep for a lot of stuff we don't want; and, finally, putting on in church a Sunday night performance of light opera, known as "The Sabbath School Concert."

-From "The Foolish Dictionary: Online Edition"


I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but it's a really dull blog. No, I mean *REALLY* dull. So dull, it shoots right through the boundary of dullness and falls into a space-time vortex and winds up perched at the top of the wall of excitement.

I read it daily. Even though it is only updated once a week or so. It is, after all, quite dull. The fact that it's currently in the position of the pinnacle of excitement does not change the fact that it is the dullest blog in the world.
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69, a love story

Requires flash. Might be considered nsfw by some of the more prude workplaces, even though it doesn't show any nuidity (it's just two numbers, after all). Small-ish file, shouldn't take long over a modem.