December 18th, 2003

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so this is what it feels like to sleep as much as your body needs, eh?

damn it's nice to sleep in. I didn't wake up till about 8:15 this morning. That's roughly 10 hours of sleep. Now I study for a long ass time and then take a test!


Just *HOW OLD* are the phonebooks some of these people use?!

When I first got my phone number (which I've had now for quite some time.. like, er, 'bout 6 years?) I would get some wrong numbers. People calling for this or that or another company. Most were for some security company. I figured they'd get the number corrected in the more recent phonebooks. They must have because I hadn't received a call for that company for at least 4 or 5 years now.

Until today. I just had someone call for that company. grrrrr.. This person needs to go check the date on her phonebook or something.
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Cauchy's Inequalities finally clicked!

I mean, yeah, so it's a rather simple thing, really, when you understand Cauchy's Integral Formula for Derivatives, but I didn't really understand that either. Now I at least grasp it enough to be able to see the derivation for the Inequalities!

And, of course, I'm slapping my forhead for not seeing it before. It's friggin' plain as day! Oh well, I've never been accused of being the most cluefull person around. :)

shop as usual, and avoid panic buying

In other news, got iTunes installed, I don't like the way it runs two services in the background that are rather resource intensive. grr.. The system plays better now that I've gotten rid of the Explorer shell and I'm running a far lighter one (iShell, for those of you who are interested). So at least things can run rather smoothly while I re-download some of the more enjoyable tunez (can't get all of 'em as this poor laptop's HDD is *FAR* smaller than the iBook's).

And when the bullshit happy choir
Greets another grim day
When the angels swim to our aid
Well, here comes another cliche

. . . of course SNOG was among the first tunez downloaded. :)

do not attempt to think
or depression may occur
do not attempt to think

T-minus . . . er . . . not much

So, my final is at 3 today. That leaves 4 hours and 10 minutes left. Seeing as I can't study in the last hour or two before a test (it just doens't work for me), that means I only have about 1 hour of studying left.

Then I calm, then I test. Joy.


2.5 hours till the test, I'm hereby officially done studying.

See, I learned a while ago (long, LONG while ago) that I cannot study within the last hour or two of a test. The more major the test, the longer a period of non-studying I had to have before it. If I do try to do any last-minute cramming, not only will I not remember what I crammed for, but the stress generated by that act will also cause me to forget everything I had gotten from my prior studying. I can think on what I've gotten from my studying, and I can still work on the mental arrangement of all the info, but should I try to force anything new in during the last few hours, the whole thing comes crashing down.

Hence, I'm done. Soon as my clothes finish drying I'm heading out for lunch and an espresso drink, then to test.

At least I have a nice yummy dinner planned with serenica69 for afterwards.
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so, that's it then?




The final was painful, but fair. Nothing unreasonable, just a whole lot of reasonableness.

Allow me to say that again, to bring better emphasis: a *WHOLE LOT* of reasonableness.

Hrmm.. That still doesn't *quite* get the flavor of it. There were 18 circled problem numbers. Many of those had multiple parts. 3 or 4 parts to a problem were common. One of them had 9 parts. It took two hours, and I still had to leave about 4 problems blank because I simply couldn't take it anymore.

Did I mention it was long? heh.. yeah, I think you get the idea.

Now I'm going to go do something that in no way involves me doing math. ;)