December 17th, 2003




what am I?

So, like, what exactly is my default userpic a picture *of*? I mean, clearly it's been edited, but what was the original picture? No fair looking at my userinfo area where it says the names I've given to each picture. For those of you unfamiliar with the pic in question (how long have you been reading this?), it's the one used with this entry.


A Lizzard
A Flower
An inkblot
An Army Men figurine
Some leaves
This is a trick question, there was no single picture used as the base, this is a composite of multiple pictures!

Or is it something else entirely?



this is me, posting to LJ instead of studying. not that I haven't been studying for some time now, but I could be doing it right now and instead, I'm posting about how I'm not doing it.

And with the final Tomorrow, no less. I should probably go look up when that is.... On the plus side, I have tomorrow off from work, so I can sleep in and perhaps even nap during the day so I'm nice and rested for it. Plus I can do some day-of studying well in advance to let it all come together.

Here's hoping I don't bomb it.

*huggles* to serenica69. Thank you for the yummy brunch today, it was wonderful. I still have your leaf for you! :)