December 10th, 2003


addictive game.

Shisen-Sho. That game is far more addictive than any game has a legal right to be. It's basically just another one of those matching games where it shows you a board covered with the tiles from MahJongg and you are supposed to pair them off and thus remove them. This one has a slightly different way of determining what constitutes a vaild pair to match and remove, though, which causes all the joy. I despise the standard one everyone seems to know, but this one I find I have trouble pulling away from. A truly great time-sink, it is.

'cause we find ourselves in the same old mess singing drunken lullabies!

Yup, still grooving to Flogging Molly.

In other news . . . well, yeah. my life is proving to be rather exciting right now. I find myself amid a flurry of emotional influences, all tugging me one way or another. 'tis quite the malestrom in me hed. And somehow I'm supposed to be studying for my final comming up in 8 days. heh.. Yeah, right, like I can focus on anything like that right now. :)

Timing is everything.

In still other, other news . . . I haven't spent money of coffee drinks the last few days. I've rediscovered the tea collection I have here in the office (yes, it actually got lost. Almost 30 different teas and I manage to loose the lot of 'em in the clutter!) so I'm sipping a nice simple cup of Japanese Red right now. How I've missed the soothing elixer that is Tea.

Celebrate we will
because life is short
but sweet for certain