December 9th, 2003


what a night.

guf. It all started out innocently enough with a yummy sup of egg noodles and cream of mushroom soup (with parmesean cheese). I did some studying, and then lay down for sleep right before serenica69 called me back (I had left a message on her machine earlier). So she and I chatted for a bit, which cheered me up (while studying math can normally be enjoyable (heck, some topics I'll actually study in my spare time for *fun*) this particular topic simply depresses me because I'm having so much trouble understanding it). Then she and I said goodnight and I proceeded to call it an evening and lay back down.
Then the phone rang again. A friend of mine whom I see every few months for lunch or so was in a bit of a spot as her relationship had just ended. So I spent the next few hours playing counselor and trying to convince her that perhaps suicide isn't the best solution. Our conversation was cut short by her call-waiting caller-id informing her that he was calling her back. She said she'd call me back and went to get his call -- despite my suggestions to the contrary. I waited about half an hour, but eventually fell asleep.
She hasn't called back yet, I hope she made it through the night. She was in a rather bad state, to the point of debating methods. She was certain she would do it in a few days, she was just trying to figure out how and where. Hopefully he didn't make it worse (he was a jerk and she *really* deserved better -- why is it girls stay with bad men?).

In lighter news, I had the joy of being able to say "why yes, it is a bananna in my pocket" this morning as the chemistry club is having a sale in the lobby of my building. I'll probably go back for a bagel when this post is over. I'm tired from lack of sleep (in spite of sleeping in and showing up late for work) and the energy would be helpful.
random pic


They threw a rope around yer neck
To watch you dance the jig of death
Then left ya for the starvin’ crows
Hoverin’ like hungry whores
One flew down plucked out yer eye
The other he had in his sights
Ya snarled at him, said leave me be
I need the bugger so I can see

once nice thing about having my own office, I get to listen to kewl tunez while I work.

Well swing a little more, little more o’er the merry-o
Swing a little more, a little more next to me
Swing a little more, little more o’er the merry-o
Swing a little more, on the Devil’s Dance Floor

don't forget!

*never* fall asleep in a college course. One of my classmates did so today (in fact, he has a habit of doing it, rumour has it he used to snore in class last semester) and when class was over we all decided to quietly get up and leave him in there, and tell the incomming class. They agreed to be quiet about going in there and just let him sleep till he woke up in the middle of their lecture.

:) hehehe..