December 5th, 2003


so. damn. tioed.

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In other news, trying to type on 4 hours of sleep doesn't work too well for me -- typoes abound (let's just say it's a good thing the "backspace" key was the first one I learned). Also, nothing but 'death by chocolate' cake for dinner makes my tummy file a protest (in triplicate, and stamped by the appropriate agencies (even the department of redundancy department got it a few times) no less!) the next morning -- ugh.

just a note:

I realize this technical stuff is difficult to understand sometimes, but "username" and "password" are called different things for a reason. They are *not* interchangeable.

geeze.. and this lady's teaching!?

(this ranks right up there with the "my printer's lights are blinking and the display says 'load letter', what's that mean?" call.)

on the other hand, I should be happy it was that simple. I'm just tired enough to probably fumble any problem more complex than that.