November 24th, 2003



yup, tired still. I woke up at 4 this morning and I discovered that the first light rail train in to work goes by my neighborhood at 5:20 (instead of the 5:05 I was hoping for). So, catching that I discover that the earliest I can get to work while taking light rail is 5:45 (owing to 15 minutes of walking after the light rail because the busses don't run that early). Oh well. I got the task done, and the last computer was finished at 7:30.

I'm considering leaving early today to go nap or somesuch. I know I won't, but it's a nice happy thought.

Some mirrors for SuSE9 finally got updated, so I killed the download from yesterday (only 300MB transferred overnight -- can you say bandwidth throttle?) and re-started it from somewhere in . . . er, somewhere. Not USA, 'cause all those mirrors were incomplete still. Wherever it is, I'm getting a nice clean 130KB/s/file for 4 files at a time. 3GB down, 4.1GB to go.

I also have those 7 HDDs that I've added to the main machine all screwed to a nice big piece of cardboard so they don't wobble around too much. It's a much cleaner arrangement than the previous setup.

In other geeky news, if you haven't tried the Enlightenment WM yet, go do so now. I like it far more than either KDE or Gnome. It's my new fav. :) It's just so much cleaner, visually.

hrmmm.. lunch.. I'm thinking a crepe is in order. Or perhaps a simple sandwich, and a desert crepe! Hrmm.. French Kiss.. Yes, but with Nutella instead of chocolate!

But first, I give you a highly-edited meme!
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French Kiss with Nutella *AND* chocolate! Why settle for just one when you can have both?

5GB down, 2.1GB left to go.