November 22nd, 2003



well, I've done an admirable job of procrastinating going to work today. I had planned on going in at around 10ish, and woke up on time, but here it is 17:26 and I have yet to leave the house. :) I'm dressed, my stuff has been sitting by the door for some time now, and yet I continue to put it off.

I'm wondering if I can keep this up till tomorrow..

Ah well, off to go clean the kawphy equipment, as I had a few demitass as a diversion, and now I get to clean as a diversion.

I'm a master at procrastination. :)
random pic

nighttime sharpens,

hightens each sensation
darkness stirs, and wakes imagination

tip: if you're trying to go to sleep, don't put on "Phantom of the Opera".

In related news, these new headphones I picked up almost on a whim while running the guantlet at Fry's are teh r0x0r. Not that they are truly such fantastic pieces of precision audio equipment, but more that my previous pair, while having served me faithfully for many years, had degraded to such a point that they really weren't worth the trouble anymore. Almost like my glasses (I'm sensing a rather disturbing trend here). So ja, these headphones are allowing me to hear notes I had long since forgotten were there. I'm catching so much more of the inflection in the words and background effects that the other pair simply lost in static.

softly, deftly, music shall surround you
feel it, hear it, closing in around you

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Ah well, "Violator" is done importing now. Time to go praise my Personal Jesus. :)