November 12th, 2003


today, you win!

I give up! I realize now the folly of attempting to ever challenge you. You were far more prepared than I ever could have been.

Today, you have defeated me. In the last two hours you:

tempted me ruthlessly with my warm blankets and soft pillow
encouraged my cereal to leap to freedom from my bowl (and onto my bathrobe)
made me almost fall on my face twice to the light-rail station
caused me to hit my head (twice) while futzing under my desk with cables
given be a nasty case of stuffy-head sniffles.
made me spill my coffee-drink without even recognising exactly what was happening (I now have cold smelly coffe stains on my shirt, pants, and undies).

Damn you, today, curse you to the land of shadows from whence you came! I hereby declare my defeat. I plead that you let me just finish off these two simple tasks without suffering any major injuries and I shall then cease my attempts at productivity.

edit: in the course of one of those tasks, I managed to nearly fall to my death down half a flight of stairs. Luckilly I managed to keep my feet below me long enough to reduce the events to slamming my shoulder into the wall at the bottom. I also managed to bang my head into a door (the wonderfully familiar "didn't turn the knob enough but kept walking anyway" routine). I would just say I'm leaving and using sicktime for the rest of today, but I'm afraid I might not make it home alive at this rate!

I smell of coffee

well, a "white trash" (a drink developed by one of the coffee grrls at the Java City here on campus), to be exact.. Damn spill this morning didn't fully clean out and so I'm exuding the aroma of coffee everywhere I go.

so, yeah.

the DayQuil has stopped the nose from being all sniffley, but my head is getting Uber-stuffy and my throat is starting to feel a slight burn..

Damn freakish seasonal changes!

oh well, the rate it's progressing this fast, it'll probably be over nice and quick.


I am going to go home, do laundry, and close my eyes. Yup, I caught something. this sux.

I need a "sick" icon. :(