November 7th, 2003

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so this is what it's like

didn't go into work today. Instead franticly getting ready for to head off with ktbee for out of town. Second load of washing is on, first load is drying, mental list is arranged..

must go pack bag and get various directions and trip planned out.

That, and plan which CDs to be bringing, as the tape player in the car is decidely anti-iPod. bollocks I say, bollocks to that!

shite, just remembered I need to swing by and get more film for the trip. Oh well, it's near work -- which is where I must swing by to get the CDs (as I spend far more time there than I do at home, so that's where the better items in my collection are.

oh, and I must say

Hurray for having over 140 hours of vacation leave stored up!! That, and hurray for having a job where I can call my boss an hour before my day is over (literally) and tell him that I'll be taking the following day off, and he's all "sure, have fun"! Even better, hurray for having a timekeeper who, when I asked if she wanted to be notified in advance if I'd be using vacation time her response was, "I don't care, just tell me when you get back how much time you took."

random pic

oh, and also..

why do I feel this odd compulsion to purchase the additional userpics?? I don't even use the 10 I'm allotted right now! Yet I feel an urge to get the increase to 50, because I hope to be finding time in the next month or two to create more.. damn impulse shopping..