November 6th, 2003


I smell weird

well, technically, just my hand smells weird. I guess I spilled more chemicals than I thought I had. I swear I washed, yet there's still this slightly odd scent under the soap scent.

So yes, last night I was taught the great mysteries of film developing. It's so damn easy, I don't know how the rumour that it's tough ever got started. Granted, I was developing black and white film and colour is likely somewhat more difficult, but it was still so damn easy! I'm still in shock.

Thank you, serenica69 for putting up with me as a student. I look forward to learning the printing process next week sometime (I should have more b&w to develop at that point, also -- I'll shoot at least one roll this weekend). Additionally, I just thought of something. We can use my digital camera to test your lights. It's modern enough and has a sync port to plug into, plus with the digital we can seee right away if something's not working right.