October 24th, 2003


Ziggedy zig zag just look at 'em. Ziggedy zag, hey hey

War planes go over but no wages go 'round.
A sign goes up to say hey we're twin towned.
The dough is rising but no bread will be baked.
The fur is genuine but the orgasm's faked.
We're spending millions to learn to speak porpoise,
When human loneliness is still a deafening noise.

Sorry about missing game night last night folks, I was just too damn tired after getting very little sleep most nights this past week. Instead I went with ktbee to pick up her glasses (I think they look cute, she's still undecided) and then just went home to be a brainless mess playing videogame golf with a roomate and friend (I lost terribly, but it's to be expected given the condition I was in -- 18 holes and I only got 1 of them). I did, however, manage to go to bed roughly 2 hours earlier than I have done so the rest of this week, and I slept through the night also! Even with the extra 2 hours sleep, I can barely function right now..

Prime example, I just tried getting the powersupply for the iBook out of my backpack and managed to get the sewing kit tangled up in the cords and thus all over the floor.. frell..

yes, I carry a sewing kit with me -- and I know how to use it, too!

So yeah, day trip to monterey tomorrow with kt, wherein she has a work thing to do and I get to go picture-hunting (or sit there being bored stiff) while she takes care of business. Thus I'm ripping a few CDs and collecting various MP3s from the archives for the car trip there and back. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm having trouble comming up with thoughts.. So far I've got some Oingo Boingo, a hint of XTC, a splash of TMBG, some Primus for flavor and a smattering of random techno. Anything I missed? Yes, it's only a short drive but I like to have a selection. I only plan on listening to maybe 10% of the songs I take with us. It's not like her iPod is running out of space, there's plenty of space free.

I'm lazy when I'm lovin', I'm lazy when I play
I'm lazy with my girlfriend a thousand times a day
I'm lazy when I'm speaking, I'm lazy when I walk
I'm lazy when I'm dancin' and I'm lazy when I talk

In other news, I'm actually starting to get a little bit of understanding about the complex number system. Damn good thing, too, considering I'm supposed to be proving calculus works there! My biggest obsticle now is not a conceptual one, it's just the simple task of pushing the numbers around and treating them right. I tried taking the derivative (no, I can't spell) of a relatively basic composition of functions, and I totally forogot to chain it properly. Mostly because I had the inner one written wrong, but that was such a basic mistake I shouldn't have done it. It's amazing how much you forget if you haven't had to work with it in years. The prof simply stunns me with her mind. Granted, this is *almost* her specialty (her area was an ofshoot of complex analysis) so it's just about second nature for her. But damn! You should see her work the functions. She can tear through the derivative of a mess involving quotient, chain, and reparamitrization rules in just a few seconds! It almost scares me with how easy she makes it look. I can only wish to some day get as good in my area as she is in hers. As for my skill in her area, I just hope I get good enough to have her consider me passable.


So, I just ripped that wonderous track, "300BPS N,8,1" to mp3. I'm wondering if the mp3 encoding is good enough to allow proper playback of the ripped track. hrmmm... I'll have to try it some day.. anyone willing to help find out?