October 15th, 2003


I love spam..

new high set for spam this morning: X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=26.6

Of course, I figured it was spam before I even clicked on it because of it's subject: "Look Great in Lingerie"

Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy dressing up in a nice teddy for my mate just as much as the next guy, but I figure with a combination of proper excercise (which I've been slacking on the last week, but that's another story) and healthier eating habits (which I actually am doing some of) I will eventually loose this paunch of mine. I don't need to pay for some pill that will send my system crashing just so I can have sexy legs when I put on the garter belt.
sp by streetlamp

only 27 more days!

on 11.Nov it will be one year since the last time I posted a locked entry. Considering the freakishly high number of little lock icons I see on my friends page, I figure this is something to be happy about.

Mind you, I don't think any worse about any of you for using filters. A lot of the filters are there, I understand, to keep some people from seeing information *they* don't want to see (like the "relationship" filter I know at least 3 people I read have -- where they post all their mushy posts that the general populous is happy not seeing). And some people have friends-only journals so *all* of their posts are locked -- again, I understand the reasons and they make perfect sense. So please, no one take this as a slight on the practice of entering locked posts.

I just decided a while back that I would rather my journal not have any little lock icons attached to it, so I stoped using them. I can't fully remember why I thought this, but I do know that I like having all my entries (well, all the ones entered after a certian point) being open. Granted, most of my journal is fluff also as a result of not locking any entries, but looking back on the prior year I can tell that it's allways been that way. Having some entries locked didn't mean they were any less fluffy. :)


I cheated today and picked up a personal-sized box of Chips Ahoy cookies.

ugh.. I am SOOOOOO sick now.. guh.. and I didn't even eat all of them! damn, my tolerance for junk food seems to be slipping..

Either that, or it's the "bad burrito" I had for lunch right before the cookies.. but hey, it was cheap (and worth every penny, I assure you). :)

oh well, off to algebra.. I love that class.. Algebra just "comes to me" so much more easilly than Complex. In fact, it's my second best subject.. First being Topology -- Algebraic Topology to be precise. :)

But yeah, off to Algebra with me.. and then to be all domestic and do the washing with ktbee after school. I should likely also try to fit homework in there somewhere, as I have some due Thursday in Complex. feh..