October 10th, 2003


for the photographers

here is a link to the Smithsonian Magazine's photo contest. Easy and cheap to enter (you only send them a print and pay the postage to get it there, no entry fees or complicated forms to fill out).

You've got two months to get the piccies in to them. With this much time and this easy to enter, I'll likely be sending them two or three of my own as well. :)

mmm.. yummy..

Had an espresso drink this morning (as is becomming the norm, I really should cut back). This time it was a small cup of standard american coffee with a shot of espresso and a bit of white chocolate.. added a touch of honey and I had a nice tasty treat.

And here I am bopping along to good tunez trying to decide if I *really* want to work or play with some photos I still have to upload.. decisions decisions..