September 30th, 2003


horray for remembering food!

So, this morning I remembered to toss an avocado in my backpack before heading out. As a result, I just got done eating a yummy almost-perfectly-ripe avocado! horray for food!

Of course, 'cause I'm a lazy bastard with hurt feet, I decided that I'd just peel it with the blade of my leatherman (if I keel over and die, that's why -- even *I* don't want to think about where that blade's been) and eat it using some creative holding of it (it's amazing how little of the avo skin is actually needed to hold it for eating) and interesting tongue motions (particularly in getting around the pit).

And now I follow it with a mixing of dark chocolate (yummy) and chai chocolate (not quite so yummy, but interesting), and wash it all down with nummy "Orange Spice" green tea (Republic of Tea brand).

Quite the yummy morning shnacky.

so *that*'s how they did it.

sometimes, working with some of the faculty here, I wonder how they ever managed to get their PhD in the first place (I'm presuming they get around the shoe-tieing question by wearing sandals or shoes that otherwise don't tie (ever notice how a large ammount of women's shoes don't tie? not making any sexual referances here, just an observation that randomly smashed into my head just now (damn, this little text box now has four lines of text, only one of which is not a parenthetical remark (shit, make that five lines now)))).

Well, now I've figured it out. Hours of online research (or, rather a few minutes wading through the "junkmail" catch in my mail client, but who's counting) have turned up the answer!

Collapse )

Well, shit, I think I might just get me one o'dem dere deeplomahs.

As a side-note, does anyone get any legitimate email from an "" address anymore? I've had the entire domain blacklisted in my mail clients for some time now and I haven't found it turning up a false-positive yet.

okay, I give up

I was going to post a few samples of a webcomic I've started reading for you all to enjoy. Ya know, kinda "check out these few jems, they come from this rather humourous comic." The problem, though, is that *ALL* of this comic's panels are great. No, really, I've been rummaging through the archives off and on for a few days now, and I haven't seen a bad one yet. Plus, all the current ones are still funny.

This is truly a great comic. Check it at: It's about the everyday thoughts and concerns of a serial killer. Those of you who are all "oh my god, how can you find something so terrible funny?" would do well to not even bother clicking the link. Those of you who can see the humor in constant casual killing will likely add this site to your daily routine.