September 26th, 2003



A huge *Thank You* to graphxgrrl for her kind gift of tea last night. She was way over on distant shores and in the midst of her joyous travels she still had time to pick up some rare exotic (well, to me at least) teas just for me!

Thank you very much. Thanks to kind contributions from her and sifueireman, my tea collection is growing not only in quantities but in distinction as well.

If either of you ever want anything (like, perhaps good tea? hehe), just lemme know.

(now I just need to convince myself to open the *pretty* boxes and actually try it! hehe.. they look so pretty, though!)

helpline fun

first call of the day:
caller: Hi, I'm having a problem with Excell. See, I had this file, and the font was readable, but then I changed it to 5 point font so the words would line up with the grid better, but now I can't read the font when it prints out. What do I do?
me: Try changing the font to something like 7 points and then print it out.
caller: okay, well, it's readable now again, but the words aren't lining up with the grid anymore. Do you think I have to change the grid size?
me: Yeah, that will probably make it line up again, now that you have a more readable font size.
caller: oh, okay, I'll go try that and call you back if it's still not working.

I shit you not, this was an actual call. I've paraphrased (slightly, not actually all that much) because it took a total of about 10 minutes for this exchange to work out -- she really was *that* dense.