September 12th, 2003


I loves me the webcomics

One of the main reasons I like the web-comics is because of the guest strips. When a comic I like decides to do a series of strips where they will have each strip done by a different author. Sure, it's funny when the C-A-D author pokes fun at LG in his own strip, but when he does it in an LG strip, it's fscking hil-larious! made me choke on espresso drink this mornign (specifically, the box where he's listing off stuff without a picture and when he says "Swedes? Sprite Comics?" -- ragging on two other comics I read in a guest strip for one of them, that's just classic).

in other news

David Byrne is, in my opinion, one of the most talented musicians alive. The man can play a list of instruments that looks like the inventory for most music stores. He has a keen understanding of the dynamic between the aural and visual aspects of music. He writes songs that not only provide entertaining tunes to compliment life, but also thoughtful lyrics to promote philosophical discussion. He does all this regardless of the band he's in, or colaboration he's exploring.

That, and he has a Really Big Suit.
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so, wandering around the web, I come across this page. It has some writeups about some of the more famous court cases, including partial transcripts, observer accounts, and commentary on what the cases were all about and how they were decided.

Very interesting stuff.

Don't ask how I stumbled across it, I'm not entirely certain myself. I do know it's stuff like this that is responsible for the growth of my bookmarks file. :)

I never knew

I had no idea that there was some legal trouble between Apple and The Beatles.

A link I found from another site claims that The Beatles are filing suit against Apple (for the third time it would seem, the prior two being in the past and they (The Beatles) won both). Yes, I know, Fox isn't exactly the pinnacle of objective reporting, but I would think something of this nature/size they wouldn't just make up.