August 1st, 2003


holy flaming flamingoes!

{ranting here, the word "you" is in no way intended to referr to anyone actually reading this, more directed at the brainless twits I have to deal with}

How in all the world can these freakjob nutcases ever manage to tie their shoes in the morning, much less get a PhD?

I'm helping someone over the phone with their Ibook, and I ask him to type something in and hit enter. the damn twit couldn't find the enter key! Keep in mind, he's had a computer for at least two years now, and I've *never* seen a computer that didn't have the enter key at the right-side of the keyboard, so he's had *PLENTY* of time to figure out where the damn frelling *ENTER* key is! I mean, I'm not expecting him to be a perfect touch-typist or anything, I don't mind if he has to take at least 2 seconds between each keystroke (which he does), but having to sit there for 30 seconds trying to find the bloody "ENTER" key is pushing the limits of rational allowances for computer illiteracy.

Also, when someone is asking you to look for and click on the collumn (I have yet to consistantly figure out how to spell that word) labeled "type" and all you see are "name" "date" "size" and "kind", it's a safe bet that they meant "kind" and you can just go ahead and click it and let them know that it was actually called "kind". Kind of like "okay, clicked on the collumn labled 'kind'". I mean, come on people! They are FARKING SYNONYMS! That, combined with it's the closest option, means that the person giving the instructions was just a little off in their thinking. Add to this that they stated they are doing it from memory, and they've been off just a hair allready a few times this call, means it's a safe bet that's what they meant. At the very least, don't just sit there doing nothing for a few minutes leaving them wondering if you suddenly died of a heart attack.. Say something!

I can only help those who are willing to put forth some effort of their own. I'm not going to be able to do it all for you, notice this is a frelling PHONE CALL and I'm not physically there to move your mouse for you (and I probably wouldn't even if I were, 'cause I insist that people do things on their own).

Every time I hear "hi this is <his name>" over the phone it makes me cringe.

Some people should have their computing privileges revoked.


Whatever happened to the days when computer companies respected the accepted standards and worked to be compliant?!

damn farking server doesn't respect the concept of tirtiary and quaternary IDE chains.

time to find a new box. And after spending all that work splicing some more power cords into the existing chain to power the extra HDDs.