July 23rd, 2003


one down...

just canceled my discover card.. not through any lowering of my overall debt, I just transferred the balance from it to another card, so I'm still in debt up to my neck. It's just nice to have one less card in my wallet.. cut it up and everything..

As an aside, it is AMAZING how far they were willing to bend to try and get me back.. wow..

(no subject)

damn I hate my inner perverted dirty old man.

Had food-n-chess with artistic_chaos tonight at Hard Rock. Not bad, played a damn fun game of chess. lost it miserably due to EXTREME distraction in the (very nice) form of our waitress, though.. damn, I'm pathetic.

very, *very* pathetic. gah.

This, of course, just brings us all back to the main thought running through my mind for quite some time now.. just like everything else.. I suppose you are all sufficiently tired of listening to my whining by now, though, so I'll shut up. sorry to go on like this..