July 20th, 2003


mmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.. kawphy.

ground with Cardamon and Corriander in the grinder.
added sugar for the heating and first boiling.
added just a touch of honey between the first and second boilings.
Post-boil with aged honey and -- something new -- a hint of Caramel syrup!

smells damn good. we'll see.

allow 20 minutes for setlling, and...

damn this is a good batch. The honey didn't shift too much, as has been known to happen when I start with it, and the caramel adds a nice hint to the overall texture of the flavor. There is almost zero bitterness, yet still maintaining the full depth of coffee flavor. Happilly, I didn't add too much sugar, either, so the sweetness is nicely balanced and doesn't hide the overall definition on the palate. As for the texture of the liquid, it's silky smoothe and flows over the tongue effortlessly, sliding almost unnoticed down the throat. There is a fine dust suspended, though, so after you get done with your sip there is still that distinctive signature that marks any good demitass of turkish.

overall, truly yummy. definately one of my better batches. My only lament is not having anyone here to share it with (the roomates aren't in the mood, which is understandable).

This is not your fast-food yuppie drink

select ingrediants and prepped tools : ~9:00
start grinding beans and spices : ~9:05
start heating pot and adding ingrediants : ~9:20
start post-boiling : ~9:30
serve and enjoy : ~10:00

'bout an hour from start to sip. It's a shame that kind of time investment isn't acceptable for places like Java City or Starbucks. Even if you pre-grind the beans (which can be done, with varying degrees of success), you're still looking at a half-hour of cooking time.

well, damn

I remember there used to be a feature called similar interest matching, where it would hunt down people who shared the most interests with you. Of course, now that I've more than doubled the number of interests I have listed, I wanna give it a spin and see what gets turned up. I can find the announcement saying it's available (back on 31.Mar.2002) and I can't find any announcement saying it's been removed. Yet for the life of me, I can't manage to find the actuall feature! the link given in the announcement doesn't go there anymore.. anyone know where that feature is or if it's been killed?