July 18th, 2003


national "love yourself day"

1) I am my own person
2) I'm good with things.
3) I am intrinsically artistic.
4) I learn most stuff rather well.
5) I try to take to heart the opinions of those I care about.

It's simple, list 5 things that you love about yourself in your journal.

(no subject)

so then. I just went through each entry on my friends list, and added a few interests of theirs to my list (easy to do now that they have the "edit yours" link at the end of other people's interests) that I didn't share with them allready (with one exception). Jumped my interests list from something like 30 or so entries to over 70! And I left a lot off, because I figured it'd be just silly to list them or I just don't feel like going and listing all the subdivisions of a general category that I'm interested in.

Definately gives a somewhat better view of me, though, having that many interests listed.