July 17th, 2003



So, looking at my friends page just now, I noticed Mahdi's icon was shifting. There as somehting moving on it. I looked more closely and it was a little hand icon moving around on his userpic. I thought, "how extremely odd, he has an animated hand icon moving around his pic."

Then I realized it was my mouse cursor. DOH!

It's going to be one of 'those' days.. I can feel it allready.

... and give back the blindfold that's under your shoe.

So, last night I had the following (didn't type it up then because I was distracted by pictures):

a goodly ammount of Sour Apple Vodka
a goodly ammount of Raspberry Vodka
an oomph of Triple Sec
a bit of Sour Apple Schnapps
an oomph of Watermellon Schnapps
a touch of Grenadine Syrup
Blended with Ice, but not too much. Less "milkshake" consistancy and more "drink with crushed ice" consistency.

I'm pretty sure that's all that went into it. It wasn't too bad. The raspberry and orange flavors were very subtle, with most of the flavor being the watermellon and apple. I doubt I'll try it again, as it didn't hold much promise for getting any better, but it was nice enough for the evening.

a few things I totally dig seeing females wear:

Hats. Just about any type of hat.
Ties. Not bow ties, so much, but straight ties.
Wrist-things bracelets/thin wristbands/whatever. Not many, just one per wrist will suffice.

This random list brought to you by my stumbling across a piccy of someone wearing all that.

I am a sick perverted individual. This doesn't bother me overly much. :)