July 15th, 2003

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found on another website, posted here becasue I'm guessing you want to work just about as much as I want to. :)

The Baconizer!
No, not *that* bacon, it's the "degrees of seperation" game, but this time it links two items (book, CD, or film) using data from Amazon's "people who bought X also bought Y" database.

damn I'm a geek..

I'm using two laptops at the same damn time right now. This mac on my right leg, a dell on my left. actually doing work on both at the same time.. This is sad.
random pic

this town is so great!

okay, there are no measurements for this one, because I didn't measure! :) but here it is:

~3 parts Smirnoff Vanilla Twist
~2 parts Godiva white
~1.5 parts Bailey's
~1 part Cointreau
~1 part Kahlua which you really can't taste, which is why I forgot it at first.
(yes, the webtender is one of my favorite websites. :) )

blend with a lot of ice till milkshake-esque.

It'll taste weak, and be mostly plain with just hints of the various flavors if you blended enough ice into it, but it'll sneak up on you about 15 after you finish drinking.

{I *really* need a userpic for drinkables.. tea, coffee, kawphy, alcohol -- none of my current userpics quite fit!}