July 13th, 2003



so, I got up early and did laundry with the roomate this morning. Unfortunately, this means I'm going to be tired today -- luckilly this is not an uncommon state of things for me so I'm rather used to it. On the plus side, though this means I now have just about nothing to do today. So, I'm thinking I'll eventually get up the motivation to go wandering and picture-hunting again. It was nice to do last weekend, so I'm thinking I'll do it again. Heck, might even turn it into some sort of a weekly thing.

Of course, this will only exaggerate the backlog of pictures I have to work through, but it's a small price to pay for the comfort and joy of looking through the lens.
random pic

'twas the great day of no answers.

So, my picture hunting lasted only about an hour, at which point I just started wandering aimlessly. I started down at the K st. Mall, headed to the Marina/Cemetary part of town (3rd and 1st) wandered over to the Shelter, where I saw someone (elisandra?) napping on the couch, but no one answered my knocks so I figured the others were either not around or also napping. Then I went to the abode of the_misha, but I guess he was either out or napping also, as my knocks went unanswered there as well. Then I came back home..

Oh well, this sorta thing happens when you just randomly drop by people's neighborhoods. Perhaps next time. :)

In total, I estimate I walked about 95ish blocks today. my poor shoes. :)