July 9th, 2003



got the new Dell laptops in Monday.. I just opened the box of one and looked it over, first impressions:

*DAMN* small. think Ibook size. about the same weight, also, if not a little lighter.

The keyboard (still not full-size, damn laptop keyboards) is just about the entire width of the body. This is a good thing. I hate laptops that have all that wasted space.

Dual mouses, trackpad and nipple. It's nice to have the option.

*HOT* as all get-out. I'm seriously considering doing a test to see if I literally can fry an egg using it. I thought the Ibook was hot, but this baby makes the Ibook feel like a fridge. Obviously this is not something you'll want touching your lap.

knowledge as a function of boredom

So, macklinr and I were talking, and he brought up the question of my downstream bandwidth. I lost serious geek points when I had to answer, in a sheepish voice, "I don't know".

Hence tonight when I got bored (didn't take long), I endeavored to find out. I've calculated my effective downstream to be something in the neighborhood of 1Mbps. That was using an ftp connection through a vpn tunnel (only big enough file I could easilly get at). I'm guessing when you strip off all the overhead that involved, we are probably getting something like 1.2Mbps down. upstream is about one tenth that, at something like 120Kbps.

Not too bad. I guess we're getting our money's worth.. particularly the way I use it, I'm going to make damned certain we get our money's worth. :)