July 7th, 2003


busy and tioed

Damn, I turned off my alarm in my sleep. Don'tcha just *hate* when that happens? I wake up at 6:11 and notice that the alarm is off. Now, if I sleep through it (easy to do, as it only beeps for a minute and then shuts up) it would at least still be on. Nope, this was off and I distinctly remember turning it on last night.

Even with the extra sleep, though, I still only got 7 hours -- couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed. So I'm rather tired this morning. Almost forgot G3's stuff, in fact, as I was leaving.. I managed to get all the way to the light rail station before I remembered and I had to turn around and go all the way back and shove it (kindly, of course) into my pack and trek out again.

Add on top of this, it's been a busy as all get-out day at work today and I'm sure you can guess I'm moving along in *fine* form right now.
random pic


So, I went picturehunting yesterday.. It was nice. I found an interesting drainpipe, mingled with a multitude of bees, and wandered plenty.

Amongst the oddest discoveries I made, though (and the picture will be uploaded probably tonight), was the fact that the Warrens get cable service.

I shit you not, the Nosferatu get cable. They probably are using it for their broadband service, also (I wonder if they have a chip in it so they get HBO for free as well?).

The reason I found this is over between Old Sac and Discovery Park there's a bike trail connecting them that runs along the river. Well, at one point this trail is right alongside some old train tracks (which I was informed are a part of the museum restoration area). Well, there's a manhole there with a cable comming out of it, I followed the cable with my eyes and it runs up the freeway supports, across underneath it, and actually goes up to some overhead lines running across the trains area. At first I thought it might be power, but it had a little box on it just like what you'd find on cable wires outside someone's house.

now, I'm sure there's some other "more reasonable" explaination for this, but I like mine better. :)


ya know how we will often try to order a pizza and we never can decide on what to get? Well, now those days are over!

Want to find out what pizza you and I can share? Put your name in the box next to mine and click the button to find out!

Just think how much time this can save in the future?! we just log in, and say who's eating the pizza, and get an instant decision!

If yer not in the database yet, go here.
random pic

exhibit A

proof the Warrens get cable

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The random gallery (where that pic is from) has 11 pics from yesterday in it. The full size versions are rather low-quality jpg photos, but the reduced ones (what you first see (800 wide) when you click the thumbs) are reasonable. Some of them are so-so, but I think about one or two have potential. That, and there's another one I need to edit before uploading.