July 3rd, 2003



today it's just a straight cup of the Dragonwell Green Tea gifted to me by sifuireman.

Many thanks, again, to you for the bag. I look forward to emptying it. :)

(in other news, I need to make a userpic for my drinking stuff.)

I need the *space*.

I get my office back today! Yay!

Not literally, as in I've been kicked out for a while. No no, just figuratively, as in yesterday I delivered one computer back to someone, and this morning I'm delivering another computer (as soon as she gets in her office, as I don't have a key to her door). And this afternoon I'm delivering a laptop.

Yay! I'll have so much space, I'll be able to scoot the chair to one side and do a little jig in the open area! well, okay, a *very* little jig, as it's very little open area, but it's more than I've had for a week now!

work? LJ? work? LJ? work? LJ? hrmmm.. tough choice. :)

so, I've been known to pick up random odds and ends that I find on the ground while walking along. It's one reason I like to walk, because I can find all sorts of cool stuff...

Unfortunately, I picked up two firecrackers yesterday. I can now only find one in my office.

great, now there's a firecracker lost in my office.

I would say it's buried under the pile on my desk, but that pile is no longer there as I recently sorted through all of it.

holiday? when?

so, tomorrow I'm going in to work.. Not for long, mind you, and not at my usuall time, so I guess that's nice enough.. But I do have to stop by the office. I need to recharge my batteries for the camera, and I left my film in the office fridge.. So, I'll likely be there for about an hour and a half. Or more. Odds are, I'll actually break down and do work while I'm there.

So, yeah.. I have no life.

aw frell..

so I sit down to do some serious picture editing, only to discover that I forgot the CDs of pictures I wanted to edit back at work! GAH!!!

I mean, yes there are the DCT piccies to filter through, but I'm kinda tired of that right now and I feel a need to be artistic. So I have a need to work on my own pictures. But I have no pictures to work on right now. grrr..

wait, I wonder.... I think I might have a few backed up on a server somewhere.. time to go hunting.