July 1st, 2003



(from another site I'm pretty sure noone here reads)

I hate your music.

Ya enter in yer favorite band, and it insults their works. Somewhat amusing. It even has some amusing default responses if it can't find the band in the database (which I suspect it gets from amazon).


my "Default View" filter is now officially filled to capacity. I have to hit "back 40 entries" on my friends page just to see anything from yesterday -- in fact, including this post, I'll have to click it just to see some stuff from earlier today!

I remember, back when I started LJ, I would see people with over 100 friends and I would think, "how can they possibly keep up with all that? I'd never be able to do this if it took more than one screen for the day's entries.".. I think I've just about hit that point.

Problem is, I can't remove anyone (I'm picky about adding in the first place) and I don't want you all to post any less (some of you allready post too little as is -- particularly the ones I don't see weekly), so I guess I'm rather stuck.