June 27th, 2003


Tea of the day

a few balls of "Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls" (a very nice potency Jasmine tea)
one serving of the "Honey Ginsing" flavor of The Republic of Tea's green tea.

not linked becuase they are purchased locally.
here is an online place that carries the jasmine.
here is The Republic of Tea's homepage.


you'd think someone who went through over a decade of college schooling and has a PhD in some area would know how to FOLLOW FARKING INSTRUCTIONS!!

him: and now it's asking for an outgoing email server, what should I put there?
me: okay, that's <servername> (said nice and slow, with good enounciation)
me: just like you typed when I walked you through connecting in the terminal window (had to verify username/password through telnet 'cause it wasn't working at first)
him: okay . . . so it's <servername> at
me: no, no "at", just <servername>
my fantasy: NO FRELLING "AT" YOU TWIT, I haven't said "at" this *ENTIRE* conversation yet, where the hell did you get "AT" from!?!?
him: oh, okay, so it's &#servername, but without the domain part>
me: no, you want it to be <servername, with the domain part> (again, nice and slow)
my fantasy: it's just like you freaking typed less than 3 minutes ago in the terminal window, you mindless bloody nitwit!

GAH!!!! thank goodness I have some good music. nice and violent stuff this morning (Rammstein at the moment -- I don't share their philosophies, I just like their music)

I feel like such a pusher

sifueireman: I have your teas ready. I'll be dropping them off with tobin likely today. It looks like some sort of drug sampler pack, a little bit of each of 5 types of tea in individual ziploc baggies, all shoved into one ziploc (for easy travel). I think I should be putting a price per kilo on this or something. :) I included on the labels the SpecialTeas.com tea number for each so you can easilly order them yourself if you like them.